Alexander Nadson (1926–2015) – in Memoriam

The death at the age of 88 in Barnet Hospital on Wednesday 15 April 2015 of Mitred Archpriest Alexander Nadson, Apostolic Visitor for Belarusian Catholics  abroad and a long time editor of the Journal of Belarusian Studies leaves a void in the lives of many people throughout the world.Whether Belarusian or not, Christian or of no particular religious faith – those who knew him respected and loved him for his luminous spirituality, his passionate scholarship and his ardent love of Belarus.
A man of profound faith and firm principles, Fr Alexander drew people to himself with his human warmth, his ability to listen, his wisdom and his kindness. His intense patriotism for Belarus, coupled with his wide reading and knowledge of languages enabled him to respect the feelings and aspirations of others. He had what can only be described as an occasionally wicked sense of humour, which he could use to great effect in demolishing the sloppy work of some unfortunate hack scholar.