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Awaking in One’s Own Country

Awaking in One’s Own Country is a new collection of texts written by Valiancin Akudovič, a renowned Belarusian philosopher. Akudovič sets out to prove that language, history, and culture are not after all so important in the nation-building process – the process of constructing the nation’s collective identification as Belarusian. Instead, the most important factor is merely the fact that a country or state exists.
This exerts a more tangible influence on people’s everyday lives. When Belarusians take money out of their pocket – they see Belarusian money. When they join the army, they join the Belarusian army, and when they go to gaol – they are put in a Belarusian gaol and not sent to Siberia. Moreover, they have their own president, their own television channels, and, what’s more, they even have their own dictator at the very top of the state. All of this makes Belarusians become more Belarusian every day, little by little.