The Chairman’s Annual Report for the Year 1967-1968

In the course of the past year the Society has continued its useful ork in the cultural and also in the social field. We have encountered onsiderable difficulty in getting the Journal for 1966 ready for istribution, largely through unavoidable problems with the editorial nd printing side. More favourable terms have been obtained from he original printers and I am glad to say that it will now be only a matter of days before the long overdue second number of the Journal nally appears. Members will be glad to hear that Mr. Arnold McMillin of the School of Slavonic and East European Studies is oing the editorial work for the third number (1967) and that consid­ rable progress has already been made in gathering in material from ontributors. The Council hopes it will be possible to go to press some me later this autumn.

The Second Annual Lecture Course was held this year in the Court oom of the Royal Scottish Corporation. The Lectures were well ttended, and there were 30 persons present at the concluding Lecture iven by Professor R. G. A. de Bray. It is quite clear that the Course an essential feature of the Society's activity and that it must be maintained and extended. In the course of the coming year Lectures ill be held at the British Academy, and we expect to increase the umber of lecturers. Those who were unable to attend the Course his last year will be able to read several of the papers in the 1967 umber of the Journal of Byelorussian Studies.

To mark the conclusion of the Course, Hon. and Mrs. John Jolliffe ery kindly gave a reception for the friends of the Society at their ome on 17th January 1968 at which our President Lord Harlech was resent.

The Society hopes to be able to publish in due course a translation nto English of the Diaries of Todar Jeŭłašeŭski (1546-1604). The anslation and commentary have now been virtually completed by r. Nadson and if the question of funds can be satisfactorily resolved, ublication will not be long delayed. The Hon. Secretary has, I nderstand, been collecting the works of the Byelorussian patriot of he 1863 Uprising, Kastuś Kalinoŭski, for publication.

In concluding, I should like to mention that the Council sent a elegram on your behalf to Lord Harlech on the occasion of his 50th irthday to express to him our appreciation of his kind interest and upport in the work of the Society.

I should also like to convey to Mrs Maurice Macmillan the warm ongratulations of the Society on her election as Vice-Chairman of he Conservative Party.