The Chairman's Annual Report for the Year 1966-1967

The past year has seen a significant increase in the activities of the Anglo-Belarusian Society. If the publication of the Journal for 1966 has unavoidably been delayed through difficulties over printing, these problem have now been resolved satisfactorily. The Journal is in the hands of the printers, and we hope to receive the proofs shortly. We trust that the increased size of the second number will compensate our readers for its late appearance. It is very satisfying to note that the number of contributors to the Journal is growing, which seems to indicate a growing interest in Belarusian affairs in this country. Our publication has also been received very favourably, particularly by University libraries in the United States and in Canada, and even the Belarusian State Library in Miensk has written to express its appreciation of our endeavour in this field.

The projected invitation to the Belarusian baritone Michas Zabejda-Sumicki to visit London has been deferred temporarily. However the Society was able to organise a Lecture course at the French Institute, which was a most successful event. The attendances were not numerically impressive although an average of 15 or 20 persons attended each lecture, but the subject matters chosen by the lecturers were as varied as they were interesting. Some of the lectures will be published in the Journal for 1967. It is hoped that the lecture course can be repeated in the future, perhaps at one of the Universities, and that these courses will become a regular feature of the Society's activity.

To mark the successful conclusion of the course Mrs. Maurice MacMillan very kindly gave a reception for the friends of the Society at her home on Wednesday, 14th December and at which our Pres­ident Lord Harlech was present. We should like to place on record our thanks and appreciation to Mr. and Mrs. MacMillan for their continued generous support of the Society. Reports on the Lecture Course and Reception appeared in the Times and the Daily Telegraph on the 15th December.

In the field of public relations it is satisfying to note that the Polish newspaper in London Dziennik Polski has published two articles about the Anglo-Belarusian Society. The Belarusian press over­ seas has also given good coverage to the Society's activities.

On the 14th December the Council resolved to express to the Secretary of State for Education the Society's regret at his Depart­ ment's decision to discontinue the grant made to the Polish Library in London, which renders considerable services to students of Bela­rusian affairs. The Society's gesture was very favourably received by the Polish community, and certain prospects of cooperation have ben offered to the Society.

It now remains for the Society to extend its activities in other fields.