The Chairman's Annual Report for the Year 1968-1969

In the course of the past year, the Society has maintained steady progress, both in its membership and in its work. Two new members —  Mr Noel Picarda and Mr Arthur Fenlon  —  joined the Society bringing the total number of subscribing members to twenty-one. Of the present membership, fourteen are of British origin and seven are of Belarusian extraction. It is hoped that the number of members will be still further increased during the coming year, and I would appeal to you to make every personal effort to increase our member­ship by inviting your friends who may be interested in supporting the objects of this Society to join. 

During the latter half of the session, the Journal of Belarussian Studies, Vol. I, No.  3  went to press, and it should be appearing some time in July or August of this year. The following number of the Journal, dated  1968  is well advanced, and will be ready for the printers before the end of the year. Members will be interested to learn that the Journal already has a circulation of over  500  copies, with  120  university, public and other subscribing libraries in all parts of the world, including the Soviet Union. Sales of the Journal during the current year amounted to £l29.12.4d. which is a satisfactory 
result. I should like on your behalf to express our warmest thanks to the Editor, Mr Arnold McMillin and to the Distributor, Mr Jan Michaluk, for the excellent work they are doing in the diffusion of this publication...