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World War II Criminals in Belarusian Internet Mass-Media: The Cases of Anthony Sawoniuk and Vladimir Katriuk

The aim of this paper is to describe the Belarusian Internet mass-media discourses surrounding the cases of two Nazi World War II criminals: Anthony Sawoniuk (who changed his name from Andrei when he moved to the United Kingdom) and Vladimir Katriuk.
The paper aims to explore these two specific cases and compare their coverage in the Belarusian Internet mass-media, keeping in mind that in one case Belarusian Jews were massacred by an ethnic Belarusian, whereas in the second ethnic Belarusians were massacred by a non-Belarusian Nazi collaborator. The reason for investigating these cases in particular is the fact that both men were tried relatively recently (that is, the late 1990s – 2010s).
The article analyses the discourse among different groups of Belarusian Internet mass-media. Due to the overlap between the Russian and Belarusian Internet mass-media space, the paper also examines several Russian publications which have influenced information in the Belarusian media space.