Skaryna’s Prayer Book

The first Belarusian printer Francis Skaryna (c. 1485-1540) is known chiefly as the editor of Biblical texts. There is, however, one book which stands apart from all his other publications. It is the Malaja podoroznaja knizica (Little traveller's companion book), a prayer book for Orthodox laymen.

Malaja podoroznaja knizica belongs to the Vilna period of Skaryna's life. He came there from Prague where between 1517 and 1519 he had published 23 books of the Old Testament. In Vilna he established a printing press, the first in that city, from which he produced two books: Deanija i poslanija apostolskaja (Acts and Epistles of the Apostles) and Malaja podoroznaja knizica...